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Las Rocas Sanctuary

Skull Valley WashRetreat into the silence . . .

In the tranquil beauty of Central Arizona lies a center for retreat, hidden away from the everyday rush of the 21st Century. Hear your heart beat, your soul’s voice or just the sound of the wind as you move amongst piñon pine, manzanita and enormous boulders — Las Rocas. Located 15 miles from Prescott, Arizona, Las Rocas Sanctuary takes advantage of the natural beauty of the land, acting as a mirror to the beauty found within.

Front of HouseAn off-the-grid, all solar home, we open our doors to writers, artists, yogis and all those on the spiritual path. Bring a small group down for a day retreat or an overnight; we offer a variety of possibilities. Come for a silent retreat or with a friend, and remember what it’s like to be yourself in Nature. Journal. Meditate. Commune with the two resident cats. Sit or walk under the stars, listening to the hoot of an owl. Sleep soundly overnight or mindfully make your way back home. Profound changes await you at Las Rocas, as you let go of the old and step into the new.

Property characteristics

The Las Rocas Sanctuary features:

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Guardians of Las Rocas

MarilynAl Petrich and Marilyn Markham Petrich are pleased to be guardians of the magical land they call Las Rocas. They are excited to be able to share the Las Rocas Sanctuary with others. Marilyn is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, a writer and an intuitive. As an Empath she offers Spiritual Guidance and Energy Medicine of the Andes locally or with a phone reading. Al is our solar and construction guru, steeped in the Hawaiian Huna Tradition. He loves to share and learn.

For more information, call Marilyn at 928-308-1141, write to her at P.O. Box 137, Skull Valley, AZ 86338, or send an email message to