Inti Wasi Sun

Las Rocas Sanctuary Photo Gallery

These photos show additional features of the Las Rocas Sanctuary and its land.

  • Living Room with Native Stone Fireplace
    Living Room
  • Sun Porch with Day Beds
    Sun Porch
  • Dorm
  • Gourmet Kitchen
    Gourmet Kitchen
  • Kit Fox
    Kit Fox
  • Manzanita Art
  • View of Martin Mountain
    Martin Mountain
  • Pure Mother Nature
    Oak Tree
  • West Wing with Private Bath
    West Wing
  • North Porch
    North Porch
  • Multiple Cook Kitchen
    Stove and Kitchen Island
  • Private Bath
    Private Bath
  • Piñon Pine Tree
    Pinon Pine
  • Rock Formations
    Rock Art
  • Meditation Rocks
    Meditation Rocks