Inti Wasi Sun


Photo of AlaskaPachamama or Mother Nature, nourishes us and provides the sustenance that human beings require and gives freely of her gifts. It is only proper to give ayni (reciprocity) to such a generous benefactress. This can be done in many ways: prayer, salutation, energetic connection or just a heartfelt "thanks." What hasn't been done in Western culture is the acknowledgement of how we are supplied with food, clothing, minerals and the combination of elements that create the "man-made" items of today. We are out of step with the natural world and thus have the tendency to dominate, pollute and befoul our planet and in turn, each other. We have forgotten we are all children of God, of Allah, of the Absolute and the Cosmos. Because of our temporary loss of memory, we feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled and no amount of material goods can satiate our need. There is another way. By tuning into the rhythms of the Mother, to live in constant connection with Her, we remember we are actors in the Passion Play of the Universe and live with awareness for all that feeds us.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are unhappy and we lash out at others blaming them for our unhappy condition. We fail to take responsibility for our actions or accept the energetic consequences. In other words, we fail to see the signs God puts in our path and we continue to bluster our way through life.

MorayBut all of a sudden, often for no seeming reason, we wake up. The light of the sun takes on a crystal-clear radiance. Every sound is magnified: the honking of cars, the acceleration of city buses, the rush of bodies passing in the street, all seem loud but somehow, not unpleasant. A feather light breeze caresses your cheek, finds its way down the back of your shirt and tickles your sacrum. "Chicken skin" raises the hair on the backs of your arms. The aroma of coffee assails you as you walk past the corner cafe you never noticed before, always in such a hurry to get to work and then home again. And as suddenly as the moment entered your life, it is gone. Another sign, another choice.

Do you listen to the inner voice that speaks to you in that moment? The choice is whether you want more moments like this in your life, with the opportunity to find deep, unending love for yourself and others or not. To make the leap of Faith to change the course of your life takes courage and at Inti Wasi that is respected, acknowledged and supported.

Many spiritual traditions or religions teach us to look outside of ourselves to find our Higher Self, our Spirit or our God. At Inti Wasi, the focus is on the realization that the Divine resides fully within us, that everything around us is alive with the energy of the Cosmos and is therefore deserving of our respect. We are all capable of being in Divine communication at all times and we don't need to "do" anything or go anywhere to gain Heaven. The heaven or hell we create is always available to us.

Don Americo and FireThe teachings of the Masters are timeless, and at Inti Wasi it is important to put new language to timeless truths. The Master I have learned from, Don Américo Yábar, an Andean mystic, (in the photo on the right) teaches us that we are all Masters — we just need to remember. Through the vehicle of the Inti Wasi web site and assisted by Don Américo and the Q'ero Indians of the Andes (the last remaining descendants of the Inca), we offer you the opportunity to take that leap and remember — and live in the unfailing Love of the Cosmos.

Start your journey by reading Dearest Waiki: Love Letters to an Andean Mystic. (You may read reviews and order it from the Dearest Waiki page.) It is the story of how Marilyn Markham made the leap into the Unknown, and the many rewards she continues to reap every day. Just having this connection with you is one of them. You will be assisted along the way as you reconnect with the Divinity within you. All you have to do is choose.