Inti Wasi Sun

The Q'ero People

Q'ero PeopleThe Q'ero people live at 17,000 feet in the Andes east of Cusco, Perú. They are the last remaining Inca, having fled to the high Andes when the Conquistadores invaded Perú in the mid 1500s. They have survived with their cultural and spiritual traditions intact and it is in the latter context that I have worked with them and Don Américo Yábar. Don Américo was initiated into and taught their spiritual traditions, after the Q'ero had a vision that he was to be their chakaruna, a feeling bridge between cultures.

They are a people of munay or heart energy and to sit with them in ceremony leaves you with a heart opening that is quite indescribable, but is apparent on all the faces of those that deal with these people of intent and energy.

The Q'ero feel this is the time for connecting with the Pachamama, Mother Earth. This is in line with many other indigenous prophecies. But the Q'ero do not want outsiders to become obsessed with them as a people, they would rather their message be heard. What is most important is to move the filaments of Universal Love. We must unite the planet as a community, in a common purpose to care for each other and the Pachamama. We need Pachamama, both as a connection to the Divine Feminine and as the very place we live. But mostly, we need her so we may transform as a people, to experience a stepping out of time and to live in a state of NOW, a reality quite unknown to humans.

Other Andean people

MollamarkaI have not yet traveled to Q'ero, but Mollamarka is a village I have been privileged to be a part of for many years. It is a village of 500 Quechua people, situated above Don Américo Yábar's ancestral home of Salk'a Wasi. The community sits at 11,000 feet, in the mountains east of Cuzco, Perú. When in Salk'a Wasi, we enjoy ceremony and festivities with the people of Mollamarka. They are a generous, shy people, who love you because you're another person on the planet.

Over the years many changes have taken place in Mollamarka. Electricity has arrived and they are now dealing with that reality. As subsistence farmers, it disrupts their work and social routines that have been in place for hundreds of years. Individual homes are charged for the electricity, so it has created a need for money that was not there in the past. The communities in the Andes live with the concept of allyu, community. To survive at these altitudes they have always relied on each other; the concept of individuality is foreign to them.

There is a water tank and medical post, funded by Mollamarka and the surrounding villages. We donate supplies and medical equipment to the clinic, always funneling funds directly through the community. They tell us their needs, so we don't give out of cultural ignorance. The community wants its young people to follow the path of their traditional healers and again, we quietly help, as we’re able. Don Américo has opened many doorways and we are eternally grateful.

Club of MothersOver the years of traveling and sharing with the people of Mollamarka, we have developed a beautiful connection of gifts, donations, prayers and blessings. When we made a donation to the Club of Mothers, they carried flowers to the high mountains and offered prayers for the planet. We gave soccer uniforms for the children and in return they gave us poetry filled with apus, rivers and wishes for a speedy return. Back and forth goes the exchange and we all benefit. What started out as a water project has turned into a connection of hearts, a movement of energy and more blessings than are possible to count in a lifetime.

I offer what I can to both the Q'ero and Mollamarka as they have impacted my life in such extraordinary ways. I pray that the filaments filter down to all who need them. May your life be touched in like manner as mine. Just reach up and grab the filaments, it’s really that easy.

Create a connection with the Andean people

Please purchase Dearest Waiki with intent and facilitate the movement of Love and Salk'a on the planet. Experience the mystical filaments of the Andes in a nonlocal meditation group. Please send an e-mail message to Marilyn at for dates and time. Please see the Classes and Sessions page to learn about other forms of connection.