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Dearest Waiki: Love Letters to an Andean Mystic

Dearest Waiki cover Dearest Waiki: Love Letters to an Andean Mystic
by Marilyn Markham
$14.95 (ISBN # 0-974628-61-1)

Waiki (why'key): In Quechua, the language of the high Andes, Waiki means brother or sister. It is used affectionately for someone who has an understanding or connection with all things. In this case, Waiki refers to my dear friend and teacher, Don Américo Yábar, world renowned mystic and visionary poet of Cusco, Perú.

This book is a reminder of our connection to the earth, the Cosmos, to one another, and to the Divinity that connects us all.

To read this book is to have a Sister in Spirit gently take your hand and walk the spiritual journey beside you. Yet, at just the right moment she'll let go, and the journey is yours . . . .

. . . this collection of letters and stories is an intimate account of one woman's spiritual journey. Markham's message is sometimes delightful, sometimes heartbreaking, and always uplifting. Underscored by deeply personal visions and dreams, Dearest Waiki creates an awareness of the many spiritual lessons that surround each of us, each and every moment.

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Purchase Dearest Waiki with intent and facilitate the movement of Love and Salk'a on the planet. Please see the Classes and Sessions page to learn about other forms of connection.

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New book coming!

Marilyn shares and teaches from Dearest Waiki and her upcoming book, The Art of Intent: Healing Yourself and Others. Contact her to receive the first chapter of her next book or schedule a visit to your area! Please write her at regarding fees and appointments, comments or questions.

Reviews of Dearest Waiki

Throughout history, the radical immersion in another culture has been recognized as a path of psychological and spiritual transformation. Marilyn Markham's Dearest Waiki is a modern account of just such an experience, which will inspire and empower all readers.

Larry Dossey, MD
Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things and Healing Words

More than ever before in the history of our planet, a spiritual practice has become not just a personal issue but a global one. For many of us, our profoundest insights come through the mystical spark that exists between teacher and student. In Dearest Waiki, Marilyn Markham shares the deep and brilliant spark she found in her teacher and friend, Don Américo Yábar, an Andean mystic. Through the generous sharing of her own experiences, Marilyn has communicated the essence of Don Américo's  delightful wisdom, while helping us better understand what it means to fully integrate teachings of this kind. This is a must-read book for anyone following a spiritual path since it brings great lessons down to earth and anchors them in our bodies.

Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D.
Author of Writing Spiritual Books and Write From the Heart

Markham writes to remind us of how important it is to live honestly, to seek stillness of mind and body. Listening closely to the subtle messages intuition whispers, and making choices accordingly, leads us to trust ourselves more and more... take Dearest Waiki as an author's enthusiastic first book, and you'll be rewarded with stories of a shaman's path, some harrowing, some magical, all of them intimate, heartfelt. The small lessons woven throughout guide you to remember the way you want to be in the world.

Zene Magazine

Marilyn Markham... writes this tribute in a way that will touch the reader's heart like no other writer could. Dearest Waiki, however, is more than mere tribute to one man. Rather, in the form of letters and stories that explore the deepest nature of the author's soul as she makes her personal journey, it is a tale of spiritual delving and awakening. Markham has the gift of writing a story so profound that one cannot help but be affected.

Rochelle Brener
Founder and president of Write Here, A Sanctuary for Writers, a nonprofit writer's center in Sedona, AZ

At a certain point, many of us seek to understand what has given meaning to our existence. Through varied vignettes from her own life, Marilyn has provided us with ways that such a tapestry is woven, whereby those small moments become extraordinary and metaphysical happenings become an integral aspect of the whole. With this impetus, readers may be inspired to follow the threads that run through their own days and cherish them.

Carla Woody
Founder of Kenosis, LLC
Author of Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home

Marilyn Markham's Dearest Waiki pushes back the limits of life experience and opens up new perspectives and relationships — all in a reassuring and deeply loving spirit.

Ann-Lawrie Aisa
Former Spanish professor at Prescott College

Through fascinating imagery, common life situations and uncommonly refreshing reactions to those situations, Dearest Waiki inspires readers to give their inner voice a listen.

The Daily Courier